OZO Support, LLC

Custom CNC Drilling & Routing Machines
Built (and supported) with Pride in the USA

Movies of Model 18HS in action

Warm Up
Model 18HS being exercised by the Diagnostic : Warm Up
with the Spindle On

Notice :
Spindle Amperage below 0.5 Amp
New 15" Touchscreen
Power Supply underneath

Long Moves
Model 18HS doing Long Moves

Very Short Moves
Model 18HS doing Very Short Moves

Short Moves
Model 18HS doing Short Moves

Medium Moves
Model 18HS doing Medium Moves

Go Home
Model 18HS going to the Home position from the maximum X, Y, and Z.

Notice :
During these videos, the back cover of the machine is not attached.
It is available and will be attached.

There is sound absorption on all inner walls.

15" Touchscreen makes it easy to design new rout files
and allows Operator to select a pre-engineered Job Setup
and run it without being bothered by technical setup.

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