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18HS Sales Brochure (original)

Text from 18HS Sales Brochure :

OZO PanelMASTER Model 18HS:
The ideal solution
for today's

The PanelMASTER 18HS, a stand alone post
assembly router, is the ideal solution for the high mix,
moderate to high volume production requirements of
today's electronics manufacturer.

The Model 18HS is the fastest single spindle
depaneling router available on the market today.
Positioning speeds of up to 700 inches/minute on the X and
Y axes, up to 500 inches/minute on the Z axis and cutting
speeds of up to 165 inches/minute guarantee superior
production rates.

Maximum flexibility is provided through the use of
quick changeover removable fixtures, which simply lift out
of the router table during product transitions.

All systems are controlled by a PC, which allows the
user to visually program rout files, with the standard color
Video camera and video programming software. Using
simple keystrokes, the video programming feature writes
the actual CNC program automatically. The system also
accepts all ANSI IPC standard CNC routing commands input
from PCB CAD systems without need for conversions.

The Model18HS is equipped with user friendly menu
driven software, including on-line help screens, Three
levels of software access provides programming security.

Sound/Safety Enclosure
Video Programming with Color Camera
Z Axis Depth Programmability
Small Footprint
Color Flat Panel Touch Screen Display
Wireless Keyboard
Automatic Vacuum On/Off Switch

Automatic Tool Change
Automatic Program Selection
by Bar Code Scanner
Air Ionizer for ESD Control
Bit Wear Notification
Fiducial Recognition

. Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.0005 inches
. Board Materials: All supported
. Fixturing: Quick changeover removable fixtures
. Easy to Use/Easy to learn: Graphical pull down menus
. Quiet and Clean: Soundproof dustproof enclosure
. Compatible: Program by digitizing or download from PCB CAD
. Support: On-site installation and training
. Productivity: Entire depanel process is under your control,
        including fixturing, 700ipm travel on X and Y axes and
        500 ipm on the Z axis up to 165ipm routing speed
. Reliable: One year warranty on workstation
        Low maintenance
        Minimized downtime
. Modular Designed: Easy to upgrade to new technology
        Ideal router for CEM manufacturing cells

. X Axis 18" (457mm)
. Y Axis 16" (407mm)
. ZAxis 2.5" (64mm)

. Resolution 0.0001" (0.0025mm)
. Accuracy +/-0.0005" (0.0127mm)
. Repeatability +/-0.0005" (O.0127mm)

. OZO Brushless DC air or water cooled
. 25K - 50K rpm
. Barden Super Precision ball bearings

. Rugged Steel Base
. Integrated Base & Enclosure
. Key lock out for entire workstation

. Graphic pull down menus
. Operator oriented software
. Cycle switch
. Bar Code Interlace - Optional

. 220 VAC single phase
. 15amp
. 50/60hz

. Weight 1400lbs (636kgs)
. Height 69" minimum (1753mm) / 81" maximum (2057mm)
. Footprint 40" x 40" (1016mm x 1016mm)

. X Axis 34" (834mm)
. Z Axis 3.5" (89mm)

. X and Y Axes 700ipm (296mm/s)
. Z Axis 400ipm (169mm1s)
. Cutting Rate up to 165ipm (70mm/s)

. CCD Color Video Camera
. Permanent or removable mount
. Picture in picture digitizing

. Adjustable Table Height
. Easy accessibility to interior

. Dry air 80-100 psi @ 1 cfm
. Chip vacuum 100 inches of water @ 40 cfm - minimum

. SVGA flat panel touch screen
. Accepts ANSI IPC 351 language router commands

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OZO Automation has been building CNC workstations
since 1983. Over 350 customers worldwide can attest
to OZO's commitment to manufacture quality, reliable
and accurate depaneling workstations.

It is OZO's goal to build
a product that meets and exceeds the expectation and
requirements of the customer. This ideology has taken us to
the forefront of the routing industry. When you require a
stand-alone or automated depaneling workstation with unique
criteria, look to OZO for the solution.

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