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2050W Spindle - Water cooled

2050W Spindle - Water cooled

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2050W Spindle - Water cooled

The OZO Spindle Cooling System
is required for use of the 2050W Spindle.
It is very efficient to cool the 2050W Spindle
to within a few degrees of room tempurature.

The 2050W Spindle has the same connections
as the 2050A (air cooled) plus two tubes
that carry the coolant between the Spindle
and the cooling system. (The two tubes
are not shown in this photo, but you can
see where they attach.)

Since the Spindle runs cooler,
both the Bearings and the electronics
last much longer.

Installation is less than one hour to swap
the Spindles, connect the two tubes and
rout them through the Z Axis and tracking
to the cooling system.

OZO Spindle Cooling System (Lytron shown - may vary)

17 x 15 x 13 inches
33 pounds

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