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6010 Mechanical Etch System

Now you can manufacture your own prototype PCBs without harsh chemicals.

Our 6010 Mechanical Etch System consists of :
  • The most solidly built Tabletop CNC Drill / Router
  • Full CNC G-code control (2.5 axis)
  • Enclosure : quiet, clean
  • 6010 Spindle - floats at carefully controlled height
  • The latest, most widely used CAM Software for Mechanical Etch

CAM-Software CircuitCAM v7
The most popular circuit board design software !
10,000 paid licenses all over the world !
CircuitCAM is a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and other related technologies from LKSoft. It is supporting technologies for both prototyping and line production. The supported manufacturing processes are: History

CircuitCAM in its new version 7.0 is now available for everyone. It provides a totally new, universal and customizable way of NC toolpath generation and it is no longer bound to customers of a particular German machine manufacturer. You can buy CircuitCAM directly from the developers or otherwise ask your particular machine vendor. We offer customized versions to support the specific needs of your application, machine and material.

With over 10 000 paid licenses all over the world CircuitCAM is in the top league of CAM systems for printed circuit boards (PCB). Its unique capabilities for milling, insulation milling, drilling and different kinds of Laser-structuring, -cutting and -drilling are completely restructured and enhanced in the new version.

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What is an 6010 Etch Head ?

A 6010 Etch Head was built especially for Mechanical Etching. It floats on the surface of the copper so it follows the exact Z height contours taking into consideration surface imperfections in thickness tolerance and mechanical integrity of XY table compared to Z axis.

It has a Micrometer adjustment that you can set to guarantee that the cutting bit is exactly at the right height for removing copper.

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