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15" Touch Screen

15" Touch Screen
showing the Digitize program in action
with control buttons on the touch screen.

Disclaimer: Proper use of the touchscreen with an image from the camera requires necessary function of video card and perhaps an upgrade of the OZO Software. Mounting Arm is available if you need it. This Touchscreen is for Model 18HS only.

If you had a Datalux touchscreen that stopped working, this replacement will be a delightful solution.

Call OZO Service if you have a question.
Empowers the Digitize (Learn mode) program
Simplifies the Operator screens

With this system, programming a new Command file is not a chore. It could be compared to playing a video game with the picture and all the control buttons right there in front of you. You can make corrections very quickly, do Step & Repeat arrays, verify a strategic rout path.

Even older models can be upgraded to facilitate this convenient way of generating a new Command file. Mounting arm allows positioning the touch screen for convenience during Digitizing or out of the way during Operator's use.

With a touch screen, at Operator level, selecting a Job Setup and running it are clear, foolproof and easily understandable to the Operator eliminating errors and increasing throughput.

Our Touch Screen is almost twice as big :
      Old Datalux                     54 sq in
      New OZO Support       107 sq in

Actual views of the Touch Screen with frame and light shield.

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