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If you would like us to analyze your OZO Environment files
If you would like us to archive a copy of your files "off site" for your protection or for future rebuilding of your hard drive, please follow these instructions for your particular Model.

The batch file will collect the environment files from your computer and zip (compress) them into one file and write it on a floppy disk. Then email the file to me.

If you have more than one machine, please send a GETENV file for each machine. You will name each file with a unique name designating your company name and the serial number of the machine and a letter (A,B,C...), as instructed in the README.TXT file.

If you have a Model 18 or Model 24 Click here
This is the tabletop model : 3' x 4' x 1'
It may be within an enclosure : 4' x 4' x 6'

If you have a Model 18HS or Model 16SI Click here
This is the larger enclosed model with Servo motors : 4' x 4' x 5'

Second Chance :

If you missed my advice and did NOT get a backup of your data before your hard drive failed, you may get a second chance from SpinRite. Click here
Email (best) : DepanelMaster1 (at) gmail.com                                 Depanel Master                                 Email : OZOSales (at) gmail.com
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