We Have Machines Ready

3 ways we can help

Manufacturing across the world has slowed with supply lines backed up and overseas shipping issues, as well as a shortage of the ability to access new PCBA depaneling machines. This is impacting manufacturing and production on many fronts. Depanel Master can help with your PCB manufacturing. Here are three ways we can help during this time.

First, we have multiple machines ready to ship. We currently have an 18HS and four other machines ready to be customized and shipped to you. This means you can continue your manufacturing using one of our machines. We offer shipping, set up, and training if you don’t have a team in-house. 

Second, our company offers support services for your machines. In addition to maintenance and training, we are available to customize them specific to your manufacturing process. Do your managers need to receive daily production reports or error reports? That’s an option with our systems. Let us know when you contact us what your manufacturing needs are.

Third, we constantly make improvements to our products. As technology progresses, we strive to keep up with advances in technology. We have improved the OZO depaneling machines to have Wi-Fi connectivity, improved the accuracy of drilling to adapt to smaller chip sizes and many more advancements to help you meet your depaneling needs. Take a look at our upgrades page for more information about what we’ve done recently and services we can provide specific to your manufacturing needs.

For your benefit, we offer complete service, including documentation, installation, training, support, and parts. Our routers are great for EV auto manufacturers in the U.S. to mass produce circuit boards. We currently have machines in plants, running 24/7. Our OZO router machines are workhorses. Depanel Master offers quick service for our stand alone routers, and customization for both hardware and software to your specific needs.

Contact us to learn about pricing and how we can help ease your circuit board manufacturing woes. 

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