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We have the best PCBA depaneling machines ready to be installed.

OZO Routers Available

Depanel Master offers OZO Routers for depaneling PCBA circuit boards. We have several premium machines available today, ready to be installed at your manufacturing facility. Training is also available at your site.

In case you can not purchase a router for your facility, we can also provide a Depaneling Service to separate your PCBAs at our facility.

Our Premium Depaneling Router

The OZO Model 18 HS is a workhorse for depaneling. This machine is in manufacturing plants throughout the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico. It has a proven track record and will work around the clock for your manufacturing needs.

Learn more here about the quality features of the Model 18HS. We constantly develop improvements and add the latest technology. We offer customization for your specific needs. Click here to learn about the upgrades or here to learn about options for the 18HS.

Any special needs? We can work with you to customize for your situation, like: interface to test equipment, custom I/O to interface with your peripheral devices. Let’s talk! Contact us.

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