Depanel Master
( formerly OZO Support, LLC )
Specializing in Customized OZO Routers
Made in Colorado     Made in USA
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OZO Model 18HS Depaneling Demo
Depanel Master (formerly OZO Support, LLC)
is a team of several ex-OZO employees
available to help you with all needs for your OZO machine.

We have several OZO Model 18HS for sale.
These Depanel machines are solidly built and will give years of service
with very little maintenance attention.
We have verified that each part and subsystem is totally functioning.
They are repainted and look like a new machine.
And yet, they are much less expensive than a new CNC machine.

They come with at least a 60 day warranty and are fully supported with
complete on-site or phone service, all spare parts,
training and hardware & software upgrades or customization.
Custom software is our specialty !

OZO Diversified Automation, Inc.
made a name for themselves by building a
high quality CNC Drill / Router / Depaneler.
We improve on that design with new Hardware and Software.

Email (best) : DepanelMaster1 (at)                                 Depanel Master                                 Email : OZOSales (at)
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