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Premium PCB Router in action

Scroll down to view screenshots of the OZO Router software.

  • Main Menu – Service Level
  • Environment / Modify
  • Main Menu – Supervisor Level
  • Operation – Supervisor
  • Diagnostics
  • Move Test Diagnostic
  • more to come >>>

Main Menu – Service level

The OZO Program comes up running with the Main Menu. However, there are three levels of Security and each level has its own presentation of a menu. Service level, of course has access to everything, so that parameters can be fine tuned for optimal operation. It is the most powerful, therefore the most dangerous if it is abused or randomly changed without understanding.

Environment – Modify

As you can see there are many forms available for each category of control. The values within are set by our technicians before delivery and should not need adjustment. If, however, something needs to be fine tuned, our service techs can either walk your tech through the change, or we can modify the environment data via the Network connection.

Main Menu – Supervisor level

The Engineer / Supervisor can access all the necessary functions from this menu.

Operations – Supervisor

The Engineer / Supervisor can select the category for creating a new Job Setup and modifying its parameters for accurate function and presenting the Job Setup to the Operator as a easy to use package. Diagnostics are available for exercising all aspects of the OZO Router and verifying their function. Pages can be created to organize Job Setups by company or department. Low level DOS functions are available to view folders, copy, delete, edit files, etc.


Diagnostics are available for proving each function and exercising it.

Move Test Diagnostic

The Move Test Diagnostic allows for many functions :
Moving each axis : X Y Z
Running the Spindle
Changing Outputs
Setting Limits for each axis : Physical, Speeds
Exercising each axis repetitively and randomly

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