6 benefits of the New E88 Spindle

Depanel Master is constantly working to improve the function of the machines we service and sell. One of the newest upgrades is to replace the spindle and driver that has been used continuously on the Model 18HS of OZO Routers since its inception with the new E88 spindle

Many of the Depanel Master customers have had us rebuild the existing spindle and driver to save on costs, however, the parts for rebuilding are becoming increasingly difficult to find as they are proprietary to the original machine and are no longer manufactured. 

So, whether you have a recently purchased machine from Depanel Master or you have been a long-time customer, here are six benefits of the new E88 spindle:

E88 Spindle in OZO Router
  1. This new E88 spindle is an OEM replacement for a well known router, is built to the same specs, and has the same reliability as the original. We understand stress put on the machines during use and strive to provide long-lasting parts in each and every machine. This part is no exception.
  2. It offers one horsepower for circuit board drilling and routing. This means the new spindle is 5x more powerful than the original OZO spindle.
  3. The new spindle offers drilling up to speeds of 60,000 RPM, although many of our customers only run it up to 20,000 or 30,000 RPM. Accuracy and smoothness are essential, even in the OZO Routers with high resolution capabilities.
  4. The unit is water-cooled, as needed, to preserve bearings and durability, making the spindle last longer.
  5. Each of our totally refurbished machines has this new spindle installed as a standard feature. This means, you can rest assured your new purchase has the latest and greatest components available.
  6. This new spindle is more cost effective to repair. Because parts are limited to rebuild the original spindle, this spindle and driver are currently being manufactured and parts are readily available.

We stock standard router bits at a very reasonable rate, possibly less than you are now paying. We can provide any special tools that you may need for cutting PCBA, or ceramic green tape, or probably any other material. Let us know if you have questions.

The Model 18HS machine has many features, some come standard on each machine, others are offered to customize the machine specifically for your manufacturing needs. Read more about the options here.

Standard and customized options include:

We are always happy to provide custom solutions for our customers. Let us know if we can integrate a machine into your IO on an assembly line or other customization for manufacturing.

If you have an OZO Router that has an original spindle, contact us to discuss swapping out the spindle and driver.  We are prepared to give you the best service.

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