Spindle Rebuild

We currently offer spindle rebuilds for the OZO Router original spindle. However, we also offer the E88 spindle that comes standard on all machines purchased after Spring 2021.

Contact us for more information about pricing.

Spindles should normally be rebuilt within 2,000 hours of use.

2050W (left), 2030 (center), 2050 (right) spindles

Options for spindle rebuild, include:

  • Rebuild your spindles
  • New Spindles available for Spare
  • Spindle Driver cards
  • Spindle Control cards
  • All models including: 1050, 6010
  • More detail on the 2050W – water cooled spindle

We offer complete rebuild including:

  • 30-Day Warranty
  • Disassembly, evaluation, cleaning
  • New high speed bearings – aircraft standard, triple-filtered grease
  • New shim washers
  • New Belleville washers
  • Cable & other minor parts (if necessary)
  • Assembly & Quality Control
  • Fine Tuning with Report (typical shown):
    • Start up – 1.1 amp
    • 45 KRPM – 0.7 amp

We also have refurbished spindles for sale

All models:

  • 2050A (air-cooled)
  • 2050W (water-cooled)
  • 2030
  • 1050
  • 6010

Quantity discounts are available.

Quick turnaround on your spindle rebuilds

If there are no complications with your spindle, it will be in our shop for less than one day. Please allow additional time for shipping.

There may be additional charges for replacement parts. Customer will be notified if this is necessary before proceeding with rebuild.

Additional charges could be for:

  • Excessive Cleaning
  • Air 0.5″ ports & hoses
  • Pneumatic ports & hoses
  • Magnet
  • Sensor replacement
  • Sensor unit
  • Drawbar
  • Collet
  • Collet Tool
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