Service Contract

On site service hours can be purchased at a prepaid discounted rate in packages of 8 hours each.

If you have a Service Contract with us, you will get premium service. We will drop everything to take care of your needs. (we usually do anyway)

Example for service in USA:
Normal Service Rate for an established customer is $135 per hour. (Please call for current rate. Service in some areas may be higher.)

You may purchase 8 hours of service at $125 per hour, totaling $1000. Or two days at $2000, three days at $3000, etc. You always get more service than you expect with Depanel Master.

Of course, parts, travel & per diem expenses are billed in an additional invoice.

Service contract pre-paid funds are designated for on site service.

After a specified time, these funds may be redeemable for equivalent value of parts or services, such as:

  • Phone or email service
  • Purchase parts
  • Other services, such as: spindle rebuild
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