We can provide all Spare Parts for any model of OZO. It may be wise for you to keep some of the most critical, or the parts most prone to fail on hand and ready for you in case of failure.

Some of these parts have a 2 to 5 week lead time. If you have spare parts on hand when your system goes down, you can be up again within hours – rather than being down for weeks waiting for them to be obtained.

The most common parts to break down on a Model 18HS in order of importance are :

� Spindle
� Spindle Driver Card
� Spindle Control Card
� Collets
� Axis Couplers
� Universal IO Card
� Motion Control Card
� Flag Limit Card
� Servo Axis Cable (XYZ)
� Servo Axis Motor (XYZ)
� Servo Amplifier Assembly Card
� DC Solid State Relay
� AC Solid State Relay

The most common downtime is caused by either the hard drive or the computer system board going down. Click here

Consumables : Router bits, Vacuum bags, Floor mats

Automation Parts : Linear Slide, Grippers, Sensors

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