Model 18HS

The OZO Model 18HS was specifically designed for depaneling PCBs
Totally smooth edge, stress-free tab removal!

Quantity available today: 5
We have several types of machines and configurations available.

  • Standard: PCBA separating, singulating (see below for standard features)
  • High Resolution: LTCC, Fiducial Camera, up to 0.0003″ accuracy
  • Large Format: 30″x18″ or more – SOLD Nov 2021, Installed, Trained
  • Vintage: older technology, less expensive

Leasing is available!

Standard OZO Router Model 18HS

We take pride in providing totally restored OZO Routers. No need to wonder how to fix this machine. Fully operational from day one. Full parts and service available—amazingly prompt!

Standard equipment on Model 18HS:

We are constantly improving on the basic quality of the OZO Router with new technology, higher resolution and more comprehensive and robust software.

*This allows administration and supervisors quick access to update data or review reports.

Options are available:

Contact us to learn more.

In addition, all machines feature this reputation:

  • Quality engineering
  • Solid sturdy construction
  • Workhorse—running round the clock
  • Beautifully refurbished: paint & acoustic foam
  • CNC Standard G-Codes for routing & drilling
  • Positioning speeds of up to 700 inches/minute
  • Positioning accuracy: 0.001 inch (higher resolution available)
  • New Spindle: One horsepower, up to 60,000 RPM – 1/8 inch collet
  • Cutting speeds of up to 165 inches/minute in 0.062″ PCB
  • Quick change removable fixtures, lift from router table
  • Universal Fixture, useful for small quantities
  • Refurbished mechanically & electronically by qualified former OZO personnel
  • Excellent ‘like new’ condition: functionally & physically
  • Quickly & automatically create CNC command file using color camera & touchscreen
  • Accepts all ANSI IPC standard CNC routing commands from PCB CAD systems without need for conversions
  • User friendly menu driven software with on-line context sensitive help screens
  • Latest software – plus all software upgrades for one year
  • Custom software available – interact with I/O, test equipment, etc.
  • User’s guide/manual & Technical documentation available
  • Job Setup configurations
    • Retained for future use – unlimited quantity
    • Structured by your category, customer, department, etc.
    • Directory listing of all job setups
  • Operator ease of use
    • Select a “Job Setup” using the touchscreen only (no keyboard)
    • or use Barcode Scanner
    • press “Cycle Start” to begin the job
    • Operator is protected from technical data
  • Security, integrity, safety, quiet
  • Automatic vacuum on/off switch
  • At least 60-day warranty: all parts & service
  • Leasing is available – save your cash
  • Ask about our “Maytag Warranty”

Have questions? Contact us via email or phone.

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