Model 18HS

The OZO Model 18HS was specifically designed for Depaneling PCBs.
Totally smooth edge, stress free tab removal!

Quantity available today: 5

We take pride in providing totally restored OZO Routers. No need to wonder how to fix this machine. Fully operational from day one. Full parts and service available – amazingly prompt !

Every 18HS includes this brand new equipment, including:

  • New model spindle & driver ( in development )
  • New Processor with Ethernet*
  • New bright & large 15″ touchscreen
  • New Wireless Keyboard
  • Latest Software ( with updates for one year )
  • AntiStatic protection ( static sensitive components )

*This allows administration and supervisors quick access to update data or review reports – without Floppy Disk Drive.

In addition, all machines feature:

  • Quality engineering
  • Solid sturdy construction
  • Workhorse, running round the clock
  • Beautifully refurbished: paint & acoustic foam
  • CNC Standard G-Codes for routing & drilling
  • Positioning speeds of up to 700 inches/minute
  • Positioning accuracy: 0.001 inch (higher resolution available)
  • Spindle up to 45,000 RPM – 1/8 inch collet
  • Cutting speeds of up to 165 inches/minute in 0.062″ PCB
  • Quick change removable fixtures, lift from router table
  • Refurbished mechanically & electronically by qualified former OZO personnel
  • Excellent ‘like new’ condition: functionally & physically
  • Quickly & automatically create CNC command file using color camera & touchscreen
  • Accepts all ANSI IPC standard CNC routing commands from PCB CAD systems without need for conversions.
  • User friendly menu driven software with on-line context sensitive help screens
  • Latest software – plus all software upgrades for one year
  • Custom software available – interact with I/O, test equipment, etc.
  • User’s guide/manual & Technical documentation available
  • Job Setup configurations
    • Retained for future use – unlimited quantity
    • Structured by your category, customer, department, etc.
    • Directory listing of all job setups
  • Operator ease of use
    • to use the touchscreen only (no keyboard)
    • to select a “Job Setup”
    • then press “Cycle Start”
    • Operator is protected from technical data
  • Security, integrity, safety, quiet
  • Automatic vacuum on/off switch
  • At least 60-day warranty: all parts & service
  • Leasing is available
  • Ask about our “Maytag Warranty”

These additional items are available :

  • Industrial HEPA Vacuum with Automatic switch
  • AntiStatic protection ( dynamic, intelligent )
  • Crate & Shipping arrangements
  • Installation & Training
  • Service Contract
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