We offer consignment OZO machines or other items also.
Verified 100% operational, great condition

Call us if you are interested in advertising your machine here.

If you see a price on this page, that is the price we would like to get BUT…Please don’t stop there – Negotiate! Especially if you want several items. Seriously we want to move this equipment and make some space!!! We will probably accept your crazy low suggestion!

We have Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) available, such as:

  • H+W Fixture Kits for Keysight/Agilent/HP 3070 | Quantity: 4
  • Additional G10 Plates: 18×30″ | Quantity: 5
    • H+W Plates: Dual wide with Silkscreen Grid
    • If just raw G10: Value $200+ each negotiate
  • Dual wide, but could be cut down for single
  • ATE Probes | Small Quantities | Included: No charge
  • MUX Board – 3641 | Quantity: 7 (Value $100+) | Included: No charge

Flat Storage Rack

Perfect for storing fixtures and plates. Value $3000 negotiate
It is really solid!

Flat Storage Rack
  • Industrial strength welded aluminum
  • Outside dimensions: 47″ x 26″ x 69″
  • 41″ x 25″ usable shelf space
  • 8 adjustable aluminum shelves
    – add your own shelves
    – each shelf weighs 15#
    – Supports 100s of pounds
  • Adjustable spacing between shelves: 1.5″, 3.0″, 4.5″, etc.
  • up to 40 positions – you could have 40 shelves
  • 4 wheels, locking, rotating
  • Handle on side to assist movement

Please view the solid structure in this detail of the Shelves with support at any 1.5″ location. The Rack is already in Crate with fixture kits & additional plates included, ready to ship.

Obviously the total value of all of this is over $6000. I had it prepared for a buyer for $4400, but the deal didn’t go through.

Please make me an offer!
I promise I wont laugh and I’ll probably accept it!

Flying Probe Tester *NEW Item : for testing bare boards

Do you need to Reverse Engineer a PCBA? Contact us, we will put you in touch.

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