Most upgrades come standard on our totally refurbished machines, whereas others are available to customize your OZO Router for your manufacturing needs (noted by the asterisk ).

Some special upgrades that have been popular:

  • 15″ Touchscreen for easier digitizing (programming)
  • New wireless keyboard
  • New E88 spindle & driver
  • Processor with Ethernet – network software available
  • ESD Static Elimination* – for static sensitive parts
  • Automatic selection of job setup (rout files) using a barcode scanner
  • Fiducial Recognition for very accurate LTCC location ( 7 microns )
  • Tool verification (broken bit & accurate tool length & diameter)
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
    • HEPA filtration for most efficient containment of recovered debris
    • AutoVac switch: Vacuum is ON when Spindle is ON
  • Mechanical Etch for prototype manufacturing
  • Laser cutting tool*
  • Macro (PLC) applications
    • Use a PC to control your Robotics with English-like, logical program
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