Some special upgrades that have been popular :

  • 15″ Touchscreen for easier digitizing (programming)
  • New Wireless Keyboard
  • New spindle & New driver
  • Processor with ethernet* – Network software available
  • High Speed Spindle (air)
  • ESD Static Elimination – for static sensitive parts
  • Automatic selection of Job Setup (rout files)
              Barcode or Sensor array
  • Fiducial Recognition for very accurate LTCC location
  • Tool verification (broken bit & accurate tool length & diameter)
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
              3 stage HEPA filtration for most efficient containment of
              recovered debris in industrial sanitation, such as : G10 Fiberglass
              137 CFM motor, 99″ waterlift, and 12 gallon tank, 31 pounds
              Four swivel casters, 1.5″ Hose, 62 dBA, 19x20x30 inches
              Up to 2 year warranty, Filters available
              AutoVac switch : Vacuum is ON when Spindle is ON
  • Mechanical Etch for prototype manufacturing
  • Laser cutting tool
  • Macro (PLC) applications
              Use a PC to control your Robotics
              English like, logical program
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