In PCB manufacturing there are many parts that get consumed in production and need to be replaced. In an effort to deliver our customers with 360 degrees of service, we provide these parts for each of our OZO Routers. See below for parts and current costs. Contact us for more information.

PCB Drill bits – Box of 50 for $212.50
PCB Router bits – Box of 50 for $212.50

Diamond Up-cut Router Bits are ideal for routing all known PCB materials.

  • 1/8″ shank diameter
  • Overall length 1.5 inch
  • 0.062 inch

Our supplier offers a full line of solid carbide cutting tools specifically engineered for today’s demanding PCB needs.

These PCB router bits are used for machining high tech composite materials.
Please ask if you work with specialty material or if you need extended lengths, different diameters, chipbreaker style or down-cut or quantity discounts.

Diamond cut router bits are the traditional style for routing PCBs and epoxy glass laminates. They offer long life excellent finish and good productivity. Chipbreaker style are used when higher feed rates are called for and for certain “softer” materials that benefit from the multi-fluted design. But as a rule the diamond cut routers are the choice used by our customers for composite laminate materials.

We stand behind each tool to ensure increase tool life and lower costs.

For OZO Industrial Vacuum Cleaner:

  • This Vacuum has 4 types of filters. We stock them all.
  • Paper HEPA Filters – 6 for $36 – Special $27
  • Tox Filters – 6 for $72 – Special $54
  • Dacron cloth filter – Special $42
  • Main ceramic HEPA filter
  • Factory made – Special $254
  • After market – Special $102

Contact us for a current quote.

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