Model 18HS Options

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the OZO CNC router, which has had a great reputation since inception. It was well-engineered from the beginning and has been used in hundreds of products since its inception.

However, technology is always advancing, so we incorporate the optional features to meet your specific PCB manufacturing needs.

Learn more about each optional feature below. Some options may require additional charges, installation time or training.

New Spindle:

We just finished incorporating a new spindle for the OZO Router. The basic spindle design has been used on major industrial CNC routers since 1970s. This is a OEM replacement for the basic spindle.

New Spindle Features:

  • High Speed: 60,000 RPM
  • Water-cooled
  • Driver from reputable company, off the shelf availability.
  • Status indicator lights: Up to Speed/Error
  • Digital Ammeter
  • Safety features: Door open when Spindle ON

New Processor:

The basic Intel 8086 has been the foundation of computing power since 1980s. Guess what? This processor is still in demand and are still being manufactured based upon this foundational technology. There are many machines on manufacturing floors that also still depend upon this ‘old’ technology.

As I’m sure you know, the trend is to integrate more function into a smaller space. The same is true with these new processors on a single board computer. It has all the functions on one board: memory, floppy & hard disk controller, parallel printer port, serial ports.

Now there is ethernet capability on the same board! We take advantage of this capability to easily connect the OZO Router to offer supervisors, engineers, administration with reports that run with the frequency of your choosing.

  • Do you need to download the files for a new project?
  • Make backups of critical data in case of failure or recovery?
  • What kind of administrative reports do you need?
  • How many boards were singulated today?
  • How long did your OZO Router sit idle?
  • Is there any maintenance necessary to keep it reliable?
  • Do you need to download the latest Software Upgrade?
  • Do you need to troubleshoot a problem with our support team?

High Resolution

Standard 18HS was designed for trimming the tabs on a PCBA. A positioning resolution of 0.001″ was more than enough accuracy, because of oversize tolerances to fit within the plastic box of the finished product. Usually even 0.005″ was close enough. Certainly the G-code files on our OZO Routers can be finely adjusted by your Process Engineers to provide a perfectly smooth finish where the tab used to be.

However, if your customer’s circuits demand more accurate resolution, we can provide up to 0.0005″ or 0.00025″ (6.35 microns). We have customers that require such accuracy for LTCC ceramic circuits, typically in the Military, Medical or Space industries. If you have such a demanding requirement, please let us know. We can help you !

Solid State Memory Devices:

Hard disk drives (HDD) and floppy disk drives (FDD) have many moving parts that eventually wear out. Now solid state memory devices can do the same job. We have replaced the HDD & FDD with solid state for greater reliability : lower heat, longer life.

Barcode Scanner:

Supervisor/Engineer can prepare all the information needed to perform a job. This information is stored in a Job Setup. It has information about tool feeds and speeds, locations on the work table (XY) and heights (Z) of the Spindle for routing or drilling, and much more.

The Operator must select the proper Job Setup, then OZO Router is ready to control the machine to succeed at this routing or drilling job.

To assist the operator to select the proper Job Setup, we have incorporated a Barcode Scanner. This automates the process for the Operator and makes it error free, so that the correct routing pattern is used for a specific PCBA.

  • If the barcode pattern is always located at the same spot on the fixture or panel,
    the OZO Router can scan this pattern, locate the correct Job Setup
    and display the cutting pattern of the PCBA panel for verification.
  • If you have prepared a special procedural manual to instruct operators,
    the operator can use a handheld scanner to read the barcode from the manual.

Antistatic Protection:

Are you concerned about electrostatic discharge (ESD) damaging or weakening sensitive electronic chips on your PCBAs? If only weakened, the chip may not fail until it is installed, then stressed in the field.

We have a high-performance micro static eliminator that floods the area around the spindle where the static is being generated with appropriate oppositely charged ions to neutralize the static. This unit is dynamic and intelligent, using feedback from the sensor to eliminate the ESD problem.

Using I.C.C. elimination methods, anti-static blowers sense the static charge on the target and emit counteracting charges automatically to achieve uniform static elimination at high speeds. Very low maintenance.

Industrial HEPA vacuum with automatic switch:

Trimming the tabs on a fiberglass PCB produces a lot of dangerous, very fine powdered waste. The Pressure Foot at the bottom of the Spindle not only holds the PCBA in place while trimming the tabs, it also captures this dust produced by the routing process. This dust is carried via 1.5″ hose outside the OZO Router to the vacuum system. We can provide you with a quality Industrial HEPA Vacuum that is operated automatically, as needed whenever the Spindle is running.

If your factory has its own vacuum system, we can use this automatic switch to control a valve to open the channel to the system vacuum. Let’s talk about it. There are several solutions available.

Crate and shipping arrangement:

As needed, we can build a crate and arrange shipping to your dock. Please let us know if you do not have a loading dock or a forklift. Unless other arrangements are made, there is an additional charge for this service.

Installation and training:

We love to guarantee the total functionality of the OZO Router at your site. The best training is with your Operators, Supervisors, Technical and Maintenance people, on site with interactive questions. Travel expenses should be covered for this on site interaction. At least one day is included in the purchase price. Ideally you would have a sample panel of PCBs for us to use during training. Also it is necessary to have a unique Fixture for holding each panel. Let’s talk about your schedule, personnel and fixture needs.

Service contract:

Typically the OZO Router is covered by a 6 month warranty. Complete parts and service beyond that period can be arranged. Let’s talk about it.

All OZO routers come standard with :

New bright & large 15″ touchscreen

The original OZO Touchscreen was only 10″ diagonally.
We have upgraded it to 15″ very bright modern Touchscreen.

New wireless keyboard

Standard keyboard with full functionality of 104 keys in a 88/89 key layout, built-in Infra-red technology.

Latest software (with updates for one year)

Our staff includes the original software guru from OZO Automation ! So you can imagine what he does in his spare time … Right? Designing more enhancements for the OZO Control Program to make it more efficient, add new features, and make it easier for the Operator to use !

Full support documentation available

Several documents are available to assist at every level : Operator, Supervisor, Maintenance.
There is an Operator’s Manual with screenshots, examples. Detailed list of G-Codes with examples, Maintenance instructions, parts lists, electronic schematics and overviews.

Full Support for Custom Applications

If you have any special applications, such as interface to Testers or handling equipment, our standard software incorporates a very friendly Macro language, which can make interactions with your Inputs or Outputs quick and easy. Each Input or Output can have a Name given to it that is referenced by the Macro Program. The user program reads like a Basic language program with subroutines, conditional tests, and other flow control. This replaces any complex PLC or Ladder Logic programs. It interfaces directly with the standard operation of the OZO Router.

Let us know if you desire any custom Hardware or Software control. We are ready to meet your needs.

If you have questions about any of these options for your CNC router, contact us.

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