Depaneling Service

Besides selling the best quality depaneling router, we also provide a service of depaneling your PCBAs at our facility. That way you don’t need to purchase the router.

This is how it works…

  1. You ship your loaded panels to us.
  2. We separate the PCBAs from the panel.
  3. We ship the PCBAs back you.

Quick Turn Around Time

We have a Universal Fixture System to hold your panel.
Your unique fixture is assembled very quickly at our shop.
It is not necessary to wait on an outside machine shop to build a fixture at a high cost to you!

Universal Fixture System

We offer a quick turn around time, which is great for:

  • prototypes
  • first run or small quantities
  • to obtain a quick approval from your customer


Together we will analyze, discuss and negotiate according to quantity, shipping, urgency, etc.

What we will need to know:

  • Tool hole size: Is it 1/8″?
    We need to know the tool hole size for both PCBA & perimeter of panel
    Probably 0.100″ streets between PCBAs
  • Component height: probably less than 1.25 inch
  • Panel size: Our limit 14×20 inches, containing multiple PCBAs.
  • Fragility, static sensitivity, PCBA size & shape

We can route any shape, angle, circle, arc.
We can even do orthogonal lines!


We are in Boulder, CO, so perhaps we can pickup and deliver easily in person.
If you are farther away, we like using UPS, because it is close by.

We also provide: Custom CNC Services

While we are not a 3D printing shop, we could work in partnership with them. They add material. We cut material away. Together we can manufacture small intricate items.

Please contact us to discuss this new service.

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