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If any custom modifications are needed to handle large format, we are capable of changing the program or hardware to accommodate your needs circuit board manufacturing needs. Contact us for more information.

Socket Insertion Available

The Socket Insertion function is no longer available, however if you desire any such custom additions, please give us a call.

All OZO Routers are fully functional CNC drill/router with 2.5 axes, capable of circles and diagonal routing, with cutter compensation, if necessary.

This is a description of the Socket Insertion process that was available on this machine. Please let us know if you have special automation needs. The HW/SW system is already capable of PLC type I/O interaction.

Socket Insertion Process: Once the drilling process is completed, typical cycle times for insertion & seating are:

  • 100 MIL or 75 MIL sockets: under 5 seconds
  • Personality pins: under 3 seconds

The files generated by the Agilent/HP 3070, are read directly by the very flexible OZO software, which can swap axes, mirror and offset the drill hole pattern to locate the pattern properly on either side of the fixture.

This machine is equipped beyond our standard Model 18HS with solid iron couplers and a more powerful power supply to drive the Servos and heavier weight on X & Y axes.

We guarantee your satisfaction with this quality OZO Automation machine.

  • Table work area large enough for Agilent/HP 3070 Dual 18 x 30 inch
  • Vibratory bowl for personality pins
  • Vibratory bowl for sockets: 100 MIL & 75 MIL
  • Manuals, training and full support available
  • Spare spindle Model 2050 – up to 45,000 RPM (high speed spindle also available)
  • ATC – Automatic Tool Change – 14 positions
  • Spindle is completely under control: Feed & speed, 2 kinds of peck drilling
  • Dimensions: 5′ deep x 5’6″ wide x 6’6″ tall (without Vibratory Bowls)
  • Weight: apx. 3,000 pounds
  • See Sales Brochure for similar more common OZO Model 18HS, although:
  • XY Size Limits are larger:
    X Limit 32″
    Y Limit 26″
  • XY Max Speeds are slower due to the weight of the X & Y axes:
    X Ramped speed 200 IPM
    Y Ramped speed 400 IPM

This custom OZO Socket Insertion System uses all the same electronics and hardware as the more common OZO Model 18HS.

Complete support is available: warranty, spare parts, training, software, and on-site service contract.

See more images here.

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