Depanel Master, formerly OZO Support, has been in operation ever since OZO Automation was bought out in 1999. Our goal has been to provide customers with total support for all software and hardware needs.

Since 1983, OZO Automation had its own reputation for quality design, construction, performance and service worldwide.

Over the last couple of decades, we’ve had many satisfied customers who are still using the OZO Router machines, put into service in the 80s and now upgraded to match today’s technology seamlessly.

Here are a few testimonials and letters of referral we would like to share.

Satisfied customers

In Mexico:

A satisfied customer, since May 1998. Owner of 6 OZO Model 18HS machines. Purchased 4 more of these machines from Depanel Master (formerly OZO Support). 

Today and everyday these six OZO Routers run 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week.

This customer produces a very large quantity of high quality PCBAs for use in major industries throughout the world.

Unigen needed a larger work area. Depanel Master had a special router used for drilling fixtures for ATE HP 3070 that are 18 × 30″. We modified the machine for Unigen. Delivered in December 2021. Then we returned with an enclosure to capture the noise and dust.
(Testimonial coming soon.)

Depanel Master was a great help in providing us an affordable solution to our router needs. We purchased a used OZO Router about 2 years ago [2016]. Dwayne came on-site to help us get set up, trained, and running in a very short time. The equipment ran as expected and provided us what we needed.

As with all used equipment, we had some minor issues, but Dwayne provided us excellent support and got us back up and running with minimal down time. He also provided instructions as needed for replacing parts, and followed up as needed when we had questions.

Overall, Dwayne did an exceptional job… we are very happy with the equipment and support provided!

Manufacturing Engineer at Ingersoll Rand-Trane in St. Paul, Minnesota

December 2009 – Delivered
January 2021 – Spare Parts Delivered

Mr. Roberts – CEO, Founder
Electronic Design & Manufacturing Company

I have been using OZO machines for the last 15 years [1998]. We currently have two 18HS machines, both over 10 years old in production use.

Dwayne at OZO Support has been of great service to us for both spare parts and tech support.

It was a relief to know we had an experienced resource available to us after OZO was sold [to JOT].

The machines are very efficient “work horses” that require very little attention, but when we do need something OZO Support [now Depanel Master] is our ‘go to’ place.

Thanks for all your help Dwayne.

Ron Souza
Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Murata Power Solutions
Mansfield, MA

January 2011

Dear Mr. OZO,

I just wanted to mention that I been using a OZO Router 18HS for about 6 years [2005| without any problem at all. The support is always available when needed. The OZO Router should be named the Maytag of all routers because it just keep on working. I’m glad to have picked the OZO Router 18HS machine.

Thank you for your good working product.

Eddie Reyes
Process Technician
CTS Interconnect Products

July 2011

FYI: go visit our Maytag Warranty page

LTCC – High Resolution Accuracy

This satisfied customer since February 1999 is an owner of 3 OZO Model 18HS machines. The 3rd machine from OZO Support was purchased in October 2006.

This customer is producing tiny capacitors using LTCC processing of ceramics.

All three of their OZO machines are equipped with Fiducial Recognition via a SmartCamera and High Resolution Leadscrews for more accurate positioning (0.0005″ = 0.0127 mm). Also the 15″ Touchscreen monitor provides efficiency.

The LTCC process presses ceramic green tape which distorts the shape of the material. The SmartCamera can find the actual new location of the part and adjust the cutting of the part very accurately. Some of the LTCC products contain precision 3 dimensional cavities.

OZO Support has 4 customers using 7 OZO machines for this LTCC process.

Click here to Learn more about the LTCC process.

Model 18 user since 2015

I have known this company for a number of years. Their service is as excellent as I can describe; very professional, they went the second mile to give me the technical help that I needed.

Owner / Operator
( name withheld by request )

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