Software Upgrade

We offer software upgrades, simply call for pricing. We are constantly improving our software for more efficiency, accuracy and reliability. Updates include installation & support, premium service, warranty & all updates for one year.

These are some recent OZO software updates:

  • Semi-automatic tuning of digital filters – if on site
  • Tune up – if on site
  • Rewrite of XYZ movement routines
  • Recovery from mechanical failure
  • Better error reporting for easier analysis
  • Crash dump analysis – microstep records
  • Better backup batch file & smaller status files
  • Page Management to organize a large quantity of job setups

Ethernet connection to your LAN
A recent wonderful improvement – managers & supervisors love it! This allows direct communication between the OZO Router and administrative computers. Files can be transferred semi-automatically between computers, such as: progress reports, backup of critical files, creation of new job setups remotely.

This makes the floppy disk drive (FDD) almost unnecessary or obsolete!

Requires New Processor SBC and cooperation with your IT personnel. (Secure FTP connection over WiFi or CAT-5 via Internet to a FTP site).

Note: Yes, New SBC (single board computer) are still being manufactured.
They run cooler (no fan), Pentium type processor, with Ethernet RJ45.

A more detailed description …
We now have tools for fine tuning all types of moves on XYZ axes.
There are 19 different types of moves, all requiring a unique Digital Filter to specify the parameters to the Servo Amp. This is a sophisticated, iterative approach to determining the proper values for each digital filter. There are up to 18 parameters for each digital filter. Previous OZO Technicians randomly experimented with these values until they arrived at something that worked most of the time, or they gave up. Using this tool is not completely AI (artificial intelligence). It does require some oversight and direction. Besides fine tuning each digital filter, it can uncover a variety of related mechanical problems: unclean leadscrews, binding at certain location, home & limit locations.

The software has been cleaned up and simplified to improve the process of each type of move: Ramped (high speed) and controlled speed. If there is a location error, or if the move is only close to within tolerance instead of dead on, there are more error messages with relevant detail about the move that failed. These are posted to the ERROR.LOG for quicker analysis of possible problems.

Crash Dump Analysis can be turned on to watch every micro-step of movement.

Network Backup

Backup batch files are fully automated through the Network access. This connects the OZO processor to an FTP site that is accessible by your administrative personnel and by our customer service technicians. Backup files are smaller and more relevant.

Page Management

Page management is available to help the supervisor organize a large quantity of job setups. This is helpful for organizing job setups by customer or description or frequency of use. Older jobs can be moved to an archive page and can be recalled only as needed. This was developed for one of our customers with over 100 job setups. However, that is not its limit.

Installation & support, premium service, warranty & all updates for one year.

Demo Copy

Install a Demo copy of the OZO program on your desktop or laptop so that you can test run a job setup and display an image of the command file on your monitor, make minor corrections, then download the new command file to the OZO Router via FTP site.

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