Flying Probe Tester

ScanINSPECT FPT III System – Flying Probe Tester *NEW

ScanINSPECT FPT is a Flying Probe Electrical Tester suitable for fixture-less bare PCBs. It can also be used in combination with a grid tester for fault verification or to test nets exceeding test points of a grid tester. (*Reverse Engineering)

Tester is fast, easy to use, very reliable and easy to maintain.

  • Max Test Area : 544 x 404 mm (21 x 16 inch)
  • Resolution X/Y : 0.01 mm (0.4 mil)
  • Speed : 1200 points/min
  • Test Probes : 2 Front 2 Rear
  • Probe tip force : 20-30g
  • Input Data Format : Gerber / IPC-D-356A / Probot-HLS
  • CCD Camera : Visual Aid
  • Physical Dimensions : 51 x 69 x 26 inch
  • Weight : 880 lb
  • Power : 220V or 110V / 600W

*NEW : This machine has been used for Demo purpose, but not used in production. It is available for much less than a new machine.

Not included : Computer Caddy & Printer

More information on PDF – Download – Look at Model III

Call if you have questions !

* Do you need to Reverse Engineer a PCB ?
Call us, we will put you in touch.

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