Software Upgrade

We are always improving our Software, especially for Model 18HS.
( see Blog for list of latest improvements )
Software for Model 18 has not changed much, but let us know if you would like to see some improvements (or bug fixes).

The Software Upgrade for the Model 18HS will give you
the current version of the software which incorporates :

  • New Hardware : Spindle, Barcode Scanner, Network
  • Efficient methods for setting up new Jobs
  • Effective error recovery and reporting,
  • Support for foreign language : Spanish (and others, call us)
  • Upgrade is required for current software support
  • The User Guide was written for this version of software.
  • Utilities & Analysis
  • Phone & Email support during installation & training
  • 3 hours premium software support over the next 6 months
  • Free Software upgrades for one year

These are the latest versions available :

  • Model 18HS –
    • Release 2.4.9
  • Model 18/24 –
    • ROUT.EXE – V5.01e
    • DIGIT.EXE – V3.01b
    • MENU.EXE – V3.04b
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