E88 Spindle

At Depanel Master, we have been working to find a new spindle that will replace the original proprietary OZO spindle. There are a few reasons for this change, but the biggest reason is to provide a cost-effective spindle since many of the replacement parts needed are becoming more rare because the OZO spindle is no longer manufactured.

E88 Spindle
E88 Spindle now comes standard

After much research, we decided on the E88 spindle. It has a long track record of being used in manufacturing. We were pleased that it has been field-tested and time-tested to ensure our clients have the best possible outcome for manufacturing.

This OEM replacement has 5x more horsepower and other features that improve its function and usability for clients.

The new E88 Spindle design has been used and improved in many large routers since the 80s. We have tested and found it has the same or better reliability as the original as well.

The required new driver is also popular and available off the shelf, unlike the proprietary OZO driver.

Our new E88 spindle comes standard on all our rebuilt OZO Routers.

Let us know if you would like to upgrade your original OZO Spindle. We can install it during a service call. Perhaps your talented technicians could do the swap.

New Spindle Features

  • One Horsepower—5x more powerful than previous spindle
  • High Speed: 60,000 RPM— most PCBAs only need 30,000 RPM
  • Water-cooled to preserve bearings and durability
  • Driver from a reputable company, off the shelf availability
  • Status indicator lights to indicate when up to speed or wait
  • Digital ammeter with beautiful cherrywood frame
  • Safety features: Warning or shutdown when door is open with spindle on
  • Rebuilding, as needed, is less expensive than the original OZO spindle

The E88 spindle comes standard on our rebuilt OZO Routers as of Spring 2021.

We are offering this spindle to all our existing customers with the original spindle. Contact us if you would like us to upgrade your current OZO Router with this NEW spindle.

Watch the spindle in action in the quick video below.

Learn about other standard features of the OZO Router Model 18HS.

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