Download GETENV for Model 18/Model 24

This ZIP file contains 3 files:

  • GETENV.BAT the batch file
  • README.TXT instructions
  • LHA.EXE the shareware zipper

Unzip the files and save them to a floppy disk. Then copy them to the working directory on the OZO computer.

Please follow the instructions in the README.TXT file and send the results by email to me.

The Batch file employs a shareware zip program called: LHA.EXE This program should already be on your OZO computer. It can zip and unzip/compress and uncompress, similar to WinZip and others.

Note: This file is also available from

  • It is called: lha255e.exe
  • Enter: lha255e.exe
  • When the page comes up, click on “Download Now” and save it to your disk.
  • Then go to a DOS prompt and execute the program LHA255E.
  • It will self unzip several files including documentation.
  • Copy the LHA.EXE program to your OZO computer.
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