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  • OZO Site Requirements: Power, Air, Space, etc.
  • Upgrade/Install software from website
  • Mechanical Etch vs. Chemicals to Manufacture PCBs
  • Managing a large number of Job Setups
  • Video Tuning: Image is everything
  • ISO 9000 Operator Procedure – Convert PCX to JPG
  • SmartCamera Operation
  • How to Calibrate Model 18 & 24
  • Back up your OZO software painlessly
  • Would you like a USB port on your OZO PC?
  • Would you like an Ethernet RJ-11 port on your OZO PC?
  • How to build a Fixture to hold your PCBs for Depaneling
  • Vacuum waste from within fixture
  • SBC industry still booming (Single Board Computer)
  • Shop floor machinery still needs old slow processors
  • F1 Context Sensitive Help: Download 00000000.hlp from website for help
  • Feed Rates: XY Cutting Speed, Z plunge rate
  • Feed & Speeds: Suggested Cutting Rates for proper clean routing of PCBs
  • G-Code: Drill/Rout commands, CAD/CAD, ANSI IPC 351, Excellon II standard
  • MC3000 bias adjust
  • Reporting Software Bugs: can you repeat error consistently/DBGs/GETENV
  • CNC Trade Associations & Blogs
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